Tensor Network States: Algorithms and Applications (TNSAA) 2021-2022 Online Workshop

Scope: Tensor networks (TNs) provide the natural framework for fundamental understanding of inherent entanglement structures in physics, from atomic systems to the universe. Also, TNs have been practical numerical tools for quantitatively investiating quantum many-body problems in various research fields in physics. The series of workshop, Tensor Netwrok States: Algorithms and Applications (TNSAA), has been organized for the purposes of exchanging new developments, having discussions toward future studies, and providing intruductory talks for new generation of researchers.

Since 2012, the TNSAA workshop has been held mainly in Asian countries and it has been providing good opportunities for various researchers and students to discuss ongoing developments in tensor networks and related fields. However, TNSAA2020-2021, last year, was skipped due to COVID19. Now, TNSAA2021-2022 will be on again in online style!

Date: 17-21 January, 2022

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Online address: The videos recorded during the workshop are available on this Youtube channel

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with presentation: 17 December 2021 (closed)
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Speaker list
  Shinichiro Akiyama, Tsukuba University
  Chia-Min Chung, National Sun Yat-Sen University
  Jozef Genzor, National Taiwan University
  Masazumi Honda, Kyoto University
  Yng-Jer Kao, National Taiwan University
  Kevin Slagle, Caltech
  Ryotaro Suzuki, Freie Universitat Berlin
  Kotaro Tamaoka, Nihon University
  Lei Wang, Chinise Academy of Science

Advisory Committee:
  Pochung Chen, Hsinchu
  Ying-Jer Kao, Taipei
  David Lin, Hsinchu
  Yu-cheng Lin, Taipei
  Ian McCulloch, Brisbane
  Tomotoshi Nishino, Kobe
  Tao Xiang, Beijing

Organizing Committee:
  Kenji Harada, Kyoto
  Tomotoshi Nishino(cochair), Kobe
  Tsuyoshi Okubo, Tokyo
  Kouichi Okunishi(chair), Niigata
  Hiroshi Ueda, Osaka

Supported by:
    A Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas "The Natural Laws of Extreme Universe---A New Paradigm for Spacetime and Matter from Quantum Information(No. 21A201)"

Tensor Network States: Algorithms and Applications (TNSAA) 2021-2022 Online